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For many years, my go-to sneakers for travel have been a pair of grey Puma’s. They went with me whenever the itinerary called for day hikes and long walks in the city. They even made it through an absurdly slippery and muddy trek in Sapa, Vietnam. I love my sneakers for travel because let’s be honest, I’ll never be that girl who poses on top of a mountain with a flowy gown and high heels. Or at least, before I get to the top, I’d like to be wearing something more comfortable. Alas, recently I’ve had more slips and slides than usual on hikes, which made me think that it’s time to retire my Puma’s.

While researching for new sneakers, I came across Allbirds, an apparel brand that offers both functionality and comfort in their line of sustainable products. As sustainability is a big goal in my travel plans for 2020, I love that Allbirds sneakers are made of eco-friendly materials that drastically reduce their carbon footprint. The sneakers are uncompromisingly sleek in style and come in such pretty colours (looking at you, Women’s Wool Runners in lilac)! Some of these sneakers are even water-repellent, for whenever the dreary weather threatens to ruin my travel plans. With durability, comfort, and the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility, I think I’ve found my next pair of sneakers to help me go the distance.

By the way, remember that zero consumption is the best sustainable practice. That said, if you are shopping for a pair of feel-good sneakers that also look good, then read on for sustainable sneakers that I recommend from Allbirds!

What is unique about Allbirds?

Allbirds is a certified B-Corp retailer brand. This means that the brand holds themselves accountable as part of the movement towards sustainability. They use renewable and natural materials to make their products, which reduces energy consumption and creates less waste. Even their packaging is made out of recycled cardboard. That’s how you know they mean serious business! Furthermore, Allbirds measures and offsets their carbon footprint so that the brand is carbon neutral. There is tons of information on Allbirds’ website if you are interested in knowing more. I think it’s amazing the work they put into providing transparency for environmentally-conscious consumers to make informed, eco-friendly purchases.

By the way, B-Corp is an important distinction not just for Allbirds but for all consumer purchases. It is probably the quickest way to put your money where your mouth is and contribute to the social and environmental movement. I think this is a factor that sets Allbirds apart and serves as a statement to the company’s commitment to positive change.

What makes Allbirds sneakers sustainable?

Allbirds sneakers are made and produced with materials that are either sourced naturally (think tree fiber and sugarcane), or made from recycled materials. The materials that make up Allbirds’ products and packaging include:

  • Merino wool
  • TENCEL™ 
  • SweetFoam
  • Trino
  • Recycled plastic bottles and cardboard

Sustainability goes beyond the sneakers that go on our feet, and according to Allbirds, their sheep are in good hands! The brand also goes further by working with farms that use rainwater and little fertilizer.

Allbirds’ sustainable sneakers for women

If you have read my minimalist packing guide, you know that limiting my travel carry-on to a backpack is top priority. Not only do I save on luggage fees, I am also reducing my carbon footprint. Allbirds’ sneakers are made for female travellers who want to go from roaming in the city to adventuring in the woods with incredible comfort. I love the minimalist design and both the neutral and bold colours open up possibilities for working with a limited wardrobe.

Women’s Wool Runners

Allbirds Wool Runners - Elephant Grass

The Women’s Wool Runners are made to feel like you are walking on clouds. The insole is cushioned to give each step a bounce. The wool texture looks cozy and soft for whatever season. Honestly, I want one in every colour, especially the limited edition colours like Twilight, Pitaya, and Blueberry!

In case it rains!

If you live in a rainy city like me, or want to be prepared for all weather while travelling, you’ll want to check out Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles. These are the ultimate sneakers for travel as they feature all of the comfort of the regular wool runners, with an added rubber grip and water-repelling coating.


  • Fit true to size
  • Machine washable
  • Cozy, comfortable, and lightweight
  • Sleek design that is versatile in use


  • No half sizes (size up if in between sizes)
  • Need to be broken in

Women’s Tree Runners

Allbirds Tree Runners - Savanna Dusk

The Tree Runners are the go-to sneakers for everything from long work shifts to day trips in the city. With the soft insole, it feels like wearing slippers while getting through the grinds of the day. In addition to striking colours that contrast with the white sole, the tree runners also feature limited edition colourways with matching soles.


  • Flexible and breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Made for all day comfort


  • Sizes run large
  • No half sizes 
  • Need to be broken in

Women’s Tree Dashers

Who knew sustainability could look this good? The Tree Dashers are performance-driven and will hold up well both in the gym and out on the trail. The Tree Dashers feature an eyelet design and a wool lining for durability.


  • Half sizes available
  • Easy to slip on 
  • Durable and geared for performance


  • Size down by a half if too wide
Although all of these sneakers are designed for sockless comfort, I have to say I’m still not used to being bare feet in my sneakers. Luckily, Allbirds also carries their own line of socks and shoelaces, all made sustainably!

And there you have it, an awesome selection of sustainable sneakers from Allbirds that I’m excited to take on the road. If you are interested in learning more about Allbirds’ men’s collection (to match with yours), Levi Hildebrand has a comprehensive review on Youtube. 

Thanks for reading, and stay photospired!
Which style of sneakers do you like the most? Leave a comment and let me know!
  1. Oooh thanks for this Katie. I had not heard of allbirds, but I am always trying to find clothes and shoes that are more sustainable. I don’t think they look quite chunky enough for hiking, but they’d be great in the city.

    1. Good point about hiking. I’m definitely thinking of easier, shorter hikes! Basically I only bring sneakers when I travel so I can squeeze in small hikes on top of lots of walking 🙂

  2. These look really good. I’m always looking for cute sneakers to wear while traveling because I’ve been burned by the “I have to wear heels to look cute” plan in the past (Paris, 2005, I can still feel the pain). I love the colors and the fact that they look so non-sporty but are very practical. Not everyone wants to wear ugly running shoes just for comfort so these seem perfect. I think I could always rock those with the right dress too, which is my ultimate goal with sneakers

  3. Thank you for the explanation of B-Corps! I find sustainable practices like that aren’t widely understood. I love my hiking boots for hiking, but these look comfy for so many other aspects of travel!

  4. I’ve heard such awesome things about Allbirds but haven’t gotten a pair yet. I tend to wear my shoes into the ground (and then some–I still have a pair from 7th grade that I still wear, haha), but I’m definitely gonna look into these once I’ve worn mine out!

  5. I’ve heard of the Allbirds and I love the look of them, so good to get a positive report. I’ve been debating getting a new pair of sneakers so this is helpful. Thanks!

  6. Water proof for sure is my go-to. I’m not traveling half way around the world to let a little rain stop me, lol. I like the pull on option too tho, for less intense days! Thanks for this review!

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